Instant Soya Rice Powder | Homemade Cerelac from Home Food for Tots
Instant Soya Rice Powder
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A Protein-Packed Baby Food!

TOTS AND MOMS Instant Soya Rice Powder is a combination of Carbohydrates & Proteins. Makes a healthy weight gaining food for babies, toddlers, kids. Easy to make and easy to digest baby first food. Introducing variety & different combinations to the baby’s diet make them develop an interest in all kind of food also provides all the nutrients required for their growth & development.

TOTS AND MOMS' Instant Soya Rice Powder is –
• A rich source of energy & proteins helps in weight gain and easy digestion
• 100% Organic
• Preservative, additive and milk solids-free with healthy ingredients

Rice and Soybean

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits –

  • Rice - Good source of vitamins and useful protein which is easy to digest
  • Soybean - Highest protein content amongst plant products and hence a protein alternative for vegan babies

Directions to Use:
Take 2 tbsp of powder in a bowl and add 100 ml of hot water/milk. Add any flavours or sweeteners as required and mix. Close the lid for 5 minutes and rest. Serve lukewarm.

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Age: 6 months +

Shelf Life:
Best before 4 months from Manufacturing Date