Millets Super Combo for babies by TOTS AND MOMS FOODS
Millet Power Combo - 800 gms
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Superfood Millets in a tasty power pack

It’s been very wisely and scientifically agreed that Millets are wondergrains. Millets when introduced to young babies increase their health quotient and help them grow and reach their milestones. This Millet Power Combo is a great combination of Baby foods including variety of naturally grown millets from our own country.

Millet Power Combo consists of 3 varieties of 200 gms each Instant Mixes – 1. Instant Millet & Dates which includes Foxtail Millet & Proso Millet – best millets for babies along with Dates. 2. Instant Ragi Makhana & Dates which includes calcium rich ragi and naturally sweetened with Dates. 3. Instant Sprouted Ragi Khichdi – a savory food mix for your baby when it craves for a different taste. It also contains 200 gms of Millet Health Mix which includes 19 varieties of ingredients including pulses, dry fruits, grains. In total 4 packs of 200 gms each weighing 800 gms together.

Tots and Moms FoodsMillet Power Combo

  • Travel Friendly Baby Foods with the power of Millets
  • No added sugar or salt, no milk solids.
  • 100% Organic, Homemade and Chemical-free
  • Processed under hygienic conditions and a Certified Brand since 2014.


  • Instant Millet & Dates - IN08: Foxtail Millet, Proso Millet, Almonds, Dates, Cardamom
  • Instant Ragi Makhana & Dates - IN15: Ragi, Makhana, Almonds, Dates, Cardamom
  • Instant Sprouted Ragi Khichdi - IN03: Sprouted Ragi, Rice, Moong dal, Cumin, Pepper
  • Millet Sathu Mavu - HP06: Little Millet(Kutki), Foxtail Millet(Kangni), Finger Millet(Ragi), Banyard Millet(Jhangora), Kodo Millet(Kodra), Proso Millet(Barri), Sorghum(Jowar), Pearl Millet(Bajra), Ragi, Brown Rice, Black Urad Dal, Green Gram, Fried Gram, Masoor Dal, Sago, Moong Dal, Horse Gram, Cashew Nut, Almond, Cardamom 

Items included in Package :

Age Recommendations: 8 months +

Shelf Life: Best Before 4 months from Date of Manufacturing or Packed