Rice Porridge Powder | Traditional Baby Food from Home Food for Tots
Rice Porridge Powder
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 Yummy First Food Mix for Chota Tummy!

Rice Porridge Powder is the wholesome meal for your babies. A mixture of all energy giving carbs that boost instant energy for your growing babies. An immune boosting food which also helps in Healthy Weight Gain. One of the flavorful and tasty porridges.

TOTS AND MOMS' Rice Porridge Powder is –
• A rich source of energy helps in weight gain and easy digestion
• An immunity booster to fight against frequent illness
• A wholesome meal that helps in healthy growth, development and learning in kids.
• 100% Organic
• Preservative, additive and milk solids-free with healthy ingredients

Rice, Wheat, Barley, Groundnut, Sago, Ginger, Cumin, Ajwain/ Carom seeds

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits –
• Rich source of carbohydrates
• High in healthy fats
• Rich Calcium content
• Rich source of Protein

Directions to Use:
Take 1 tbsp of powder in a bowl and mix without lumps in 100 ml of cold water/milk. Cook for 5 mins in low flame, add any flavors or sweeteners & serve lukewarm.Click here to watch a simple video.

Age: 6 months +

Shelf Life:
Best before 4 months from Manufacturing Date