Welcome to TOTS AND MOMS Baby Food Store!

With an aspiration to provide Mom-made products to all the little ones out there who’s Mums are busy in the Worlds’ Trade but still want the best for their Babies and Tots – Mom-Made.

Kavitha Prashanth is a MOMpreneur; passionate about Tots and Health. She understands the need for nutritious wholesome food for Tots and at the same time the growing responsibilities of a New Era Mother. Her Passion and Love for Tots and Moms gave birth to this Brand. She and all new-era mothers (clients) believe that soon TOTS AND MOMS FOODS will become one of The India’s Favorable Baby Food Brands.

TOTS AND MOMS FOODS started its operations in May 2015. All the Recipes followed are Doctor Certified and Ingredients used are of Best Quality. TOTS AND MOMS FOODS is a Certified Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Company providing Baby Food. We are proud to say that we have been able to serve more than 50,000 happy customers in our 4 years of service.

We are growing, and now TOTS AND MOMS Baby Foods works with few underprivileged mothers empowering them to become “Privileged Bread Winners” of their families.


Spreading joy of feeding Wholesome Healthy Nutritious Mom-made Food to all New Era Mothers’ (who are more than ‘Just a Mom’).


To see a world of Healthy & Happy Tots and Moms.


  • Trust : Our customers trust our Products and we live up to their Trust.
  • Customer Focus : We are passionate about our Customers and embrace their priorities.
  • Excellence : We strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • Responsibility : We act responsibly ensuring all the safety and hygiene.