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Organic Palm Sugar
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Calcium, Iron, Vitamins and Phosphorous rich Sweetener

Free from chemicals and bleaches this natural sweetener Palm Sugar from Tots and Moms Foods can be an ideal substitute to white sugar for babies and adults. The nutrition value of this Palm sugar makes it a loved ingredient in many traditional foods not just for its sweetness but health benefits too.

Tots and Moms Foods’ Palm Sugar is hygienically made and compared to palm sugar moulds which are susceptible to fungus this stays fresh and good for a longer time.

Tots and Moms Foods’ Organic Palm Sugar Powder

  • Is rich in Calcium, Iron, Vitamins and Phosphorous
  • Aids in digestion and prevents constipation related problems
  • Is a natural sweetener
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors
  • 100% Organic and from a Certified Brand since 2014.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Palm Sugar Powder

Directions to use Tots and Moms Foods’ Palm Sugar Powder

Organic Palm Sugar can be used in all food preparations. Use this Natural Sweetener in Porridges, Milk, Juices, Smoothies, Sweet dishes, Pancakes, Cookies and Cakes

Age Recommendations:  1 year and above

Shelf Life: Best Before 4 months from Date of Packaging